Hubei Wanli focuses on R&D of respiratory protection and body protection. Product portfolios includes medical masks, protective masks, medical protective clothing, industrial protective clothing, surgical gowns, isolation gowns and other products. All kinds of masks produced have passed international and domestic mainstream tests and certifications such as YY/T 0969, YY 0469, GB 19083, GB 2626, GB 32610, EN 14683, EN 149, ASTM F2100, etc. Protective clothing products have passed the testing and certification of GB 19082, GB 24539, and EU Type 3/4/5/6. Surgical gowns and isolation gowns have passed YY/T 0506, EN 13795, AAMI/ANSI PB 70 testing and certification. And we runs a 10,000-level medical and industrial laboratories, introduced the most advanced experimental testing equipment at home and abroad.
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